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Special sentimental post!

I have this great friend, Caitlin, that I met way back in kindergarten. She lived six houses up the street from me and we journeyed our way through all those childhood and adolescent milestones together until we graduated high school. Best part of all this is, whenever I was bored in class (which was all the time) I drew comics of our adventures. Most of them were true stories, some of them were made-up scenarios, and some of them were...well...not really appropriate to show.

So from grade 8 through grade 12 I would draw these comics on lined paper and give them to her after class. She kept ALL of them in a red binder. Just a while ago I saw her and photocopied them. I am keeping these until I die and if my house ever catches fire, they will be the first thing I will salvage. This is probably only 10% of all the comics I did. Lot's of them were inside jokes no one would get.

okay enough talk. Here are some examples for y'alls.

We'll start at the beginning. I remember when she laughed, she would laugh with her tongue sticking out just a little between her teeth. She grew out of it eventually.

We would bike all the time in the spring and summer. Once this happened:

Eventually we started...'growing up'.

Slowly losing our innocence

That first 'awesome' high school party:

My dad would rarely give us rides home from school. This is one of my favourites. (it takes place in the car if you can't tell)

There were many many times where either Caitlin or I didn't know what the heck the other person was talking about, resulting in major frustration for the speaker.

major. frustration.

even over the phone:

We would fight all the time over really stupid trivial things, usually in English class when we're supposed to be quiet. We would always be friends again in five minutes though.

Another English class fight:

Examples of us being friends after fighting:

One time a group of us tried to sneak into the movie Hannibal, as we were underage. Some of us got caught.

What girls think of learning first aid in high school:

This is me being the designated orderer at a Mcdonalds drive-thru in a van full of girls:

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